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TelemedicineTeleadvice / Teletriage

Virtuwoof is the first and only 100% woman-owned virtual care platform for veterinary care. We emulate the clinic workflow better than any other provider, with a platform that was designed along with veterinarians to be simple, flexible and customizable. With the option for no monthly recurring fee, you can get up and running with telemedicine with no upfront financial commitment. With chat and live video, payment processing, and robust reporting capabilities, we are taking a data-driven and vet-centric approach to telemedicine.

Business model Customized per account

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TelemedicineOther Virtual Care Service

Founded in 2013 by a veterinarian and veterinary practice owner, VitusVet's complete client engagement platform enables 2-way text and picture messaging, streamlines appointment and refill requests, supports monthly payment plans, digitizes medical record sharing, and visualizes practice performance data with an easy to use dashboard.

Business model Monthly plan, Free resources and education

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Other Virtual Care Service

Weave is the ultimate communication platform that brings veterinarians and the clients they serve closer together by modernizing the way practices interact with their customers; unifying their data, tools, and all channels of communication into one convenient platform.
The Weave platform includes:
Integrated phone systems
Auto response

Business model Monthly plan, Customized per account, Free resources and education

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TeleconsultingTelemedicineTeleadvice / TeletriageTelemonitoringOther Virtual Care Service

WePet is a platform for pet owners that offers multi and integrated services for pet care all in one place. We are a global solution dedicated to the care of pets through cutting edge technology, offering the clients synergies and in-home services using artificial intelligence and blockchain.

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Teleadvice / Teletriage

Business model Fee for service

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