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Our mission is to elevate the standard of care in veterinary medicine through virtual care.

With the exponential growth of technology solutions, the growth in demand for virtual care precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the acceptance of virtual care in human medicine, the need for a cohesive strategy for adopting veterinary virtual care is more important than ever.

Let’s work together to make that happen!


VVCA is the fastest growing resource for virtual and innovative digital care and the thought leaders for practitioners, the industry and media looking for the gold standard in information related to virtual care in veterinary medicine.

Our 2021-2022 Goals

The VVCA is seeking sponsors to help us achieve our growth-based goals during our second and third years.

2021-2022 goals include:

  • Becoming THE source for: virtual care news, experts, best practices and advocacy.
  • Highlighting, collecting, and aggregating data as the best evidence in support of telehealth and telemedicine in the veterinary profession.
  • Producing webinars (and other learning modules), including micro-learnings aimed at technology implementation of telemedicine/virtual care tools to alleviate the burden on practice staff that the post-COVID environment continues to cause.
  • Advocating with legislatures and state veterinary medical boards to advance telemedicine and practical reforms.
  • Partnering with academia and education stakeholders to build a valuable certification for virtual care providers.
  • Expanding our website: www.vvca.org.
  • Growing the VVCA Community on Mighty Networks, a digital space built for members and sponsors to collaborate, connect and learn.

Levels of Sponsorship

In 2020 the VVCA convened a founding Board and an Advisory Council to help build and shape our association and deliver much needed services to our 3700+ members. The now 12-person VVCA Board is charged with bringing mission-based plans and ideas to the sponsor’s Advisory Council for expert professional feedback and support to bring forward meaningful resources. Committees of the Board and Advisory Council are: Best Practices, Protocols and Standards; Policies and Regulations, Data Strategy; Membership Services and Recruitment, and VVCA Operations, Events and Programs.

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Be part of the tele-everything movement with VVCA
Attend VVCA quarterly Advisory Board meetings, where we update sponsors on the activities, goals, and successes of the VVCA. Participate in our VVCA Sponsor Forums: quarterly, 2-hour virtual meetings where we will deep dive on the future of virtual care.
Establish your business as a leader:
leader: VVCA Sponsors and Partners are leaders in innovation. Gain recognition by participating in VVCA programs and displaying the VVCA “Proud Sponsor” logo on your website and in your marketing materials. Your company logo will also be added to the VVCA website.
Expand your network and explore new opportunities:
VVCA will organize several exclusive workshops and networking events throughout 2022. To meet new customers, expand your personal network, and learn new strategies for growing your business, VVCA is the place for you.
Place yourself among industry innovators:
VVCA membership is growing and made up of progressive leaders in the veterinary profession and those aspiring to move the cutting edge of innovation in veterinary healthcare delivery forward. All Sponsors receive a coupon code granting all staff full access to thei VVCA member community.
Increase your visibility within the animal health marketplace:
VVCA offers unique ways for getting your message out to new customers. Send us your news and new product announcements. We will publish that information in the weekly “What’s New” VVCA newsletter. Affiliates may also gain increased visibility within the industry through speaking opportunities and event sponsorships. VVCA reserves the right to limit content based on the volume of content scheduled.
Insider perspective:
How well do you know your customers? Affiliates gain an advantage over their competition through access to VVCA’s Mighty Network™ Community.
Free VVCA membership:
All employees of sponsors receive a free membership.
Level-Specific logo recognition on our VVCA.org website.YesYesYes
Co-sponsored marketing email to our membership base.2/year1/year-
Provide a sponsored “Tip of the Week” for VVCA’s weekly newsletterYesYes-
Get your value-based messages out through VVCA’s social media channelsYes--
Invitation to the annual VVCA Leaders in Innovative Care meeting where we will brainstorm and discuss pressing issues related to the future of telemedicine, telehealth and the use of virtual care tools to improve veterinary medicine.Yes--
Premier Summit Sponsor logo recognition on our Summit website/platform.Yes--

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