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With the help of the technology companies offering virtual care platforms, we have assembled this searchable directory for veterinary professionals.


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TelemedicineTeleadvice / TeletriageOther Virtual Care Service

A true tele-health platform designed specifically for vets.
Collects fees for virtual consults.
No cost to the vet (the pet parent pays a $8.99 technology fee).
Schedules appointments (virtual and in-clinic).
Allows staff to focus on pet care.
Eliminates the need for expensive after-hours answering services.
Custom branding to build loyalty.

Business model Customized per account

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TelemedicineTeleadvice / Teletriage

Airvet is the #1 pet telemedicine platform in the App Store. Our single focus is to leverage technology to drive more office visits, revenue, and provide complete continuity of care to clients. Airvet offers a single platform for traditional telemedicine and has a built-in after-hours triage network to create a healthier work-life balance for veterinarians.

Business model Fee for service

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TeleconsultingTeleadvice / Teletriage

Animoscope’s vision is to empower pet owners with a full range of digital tools allowing them to make the best decisions preserving the health and well-being of their pets. Using VetoCheck (proprietary tool for pre-diagnosis) pet owners can understand the possible causes based on symptoms, get advices on the most appropriate way to deal with it and be connected to dedicated services, either offered in-house or through partnerships (health insurance, online booking vet appointments, emergency services, home vet appointments, phone or video vet appointments).

Business model Fee for service

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TelemedicineTeleadvice / Teletriage

Anipanion aims to provide an exceptional connected care experience for pet parents and their veterinary professionals, with the goal of empowering veterinary teams to deliver the best health outcomes for our beloved companion animals. The Anipanion platform offers a suite of next-gen communication tools to simplify the communication process with veterinary teams and their clients through chat and video calling capabilities, while providing the best-in-class support and continuing education resources to streamline internal workflow efficiency, and drive better quality of life for veterinary professionals.

Business model Monthly plan, Free resources and education

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TeleconsultingTelemedicineTeleadvice / TeletriageTelemonitoringOther Virtual Care Service

Benevet connects you with clients and other veterinarians, allowing you to deliver and coordinate online care and receive compensation. Utilizing secure messages and video conferencing, the system handles scheduled or on demand visits, billing, documentation, and allows for anyone to add data (notes, labs, images), alleviating the need to fax information and becoming a focal point through which practices communicate. While improving access and satisfaction with care delivery, we have focused on ensuring this positively impacts your practice with better workflow, flexibility, and increased revenue. Use Benevet free of charge, set your own fees, and choose which services to provide.

Business model Fee for service

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BetterVet is a full-service veterinary practice on wheels supported by a powerful digital platform. Whether you need a quick video consultation or an at-home visit, in Boston, it’s simple.

Business model

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TeleconsultingTelemedicineTeleadvice / TeletriageTelemonitoringOther Virtual Care Service

Imaging technology will never be the same. Our handheld, ultraportable mobile app based diagnostic single probe ultrasound devise connecting veterinarians and colleagues for real-time image collaboration, guidance and consulting. Remarkably this easy to use interface with revolutionary technology and ultra-affordability is the disruptive technology to revolutionize both human and veterinary advanced imaging. The future is here, now you can see it.

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DVM STAT Consulting provides 24/7 immediate teleconsultation with specialists in emergency and critical care for any type of case. Call 833-386-7828 to consult with a Criticalist STAT. Full cadre of specialists in cardiology, neurology, anesthesiology, internal medicine and radiology. Experience personalized service from a small group of dedicated telemedicine specialists - a no-overhead way to offer specialty service every day to every client.

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TelemedicineTeleadvice / TeletriageTelemonitoringOther Virtual Care Service

Felcana is a virtual veterinary clinic, founded by vets, for pets.

Business model Free resources and education

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Fidu creates an inclusive ecosystem where both general practice veterinarians and boarded specialists can work seamlessly together, in order to provide clients and pets alike with greater accessibility to high-quality medical information and consultation.

We provide ongoing tele-consultations to veterinarians located anywhere, by phone, video, or email, when they are caring for a pet or working on a case that requires a specialist’s medical advice.

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