2020 Veterinary Virtual Care Summit

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VVCA Virtual Summit

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Veterinary Virtual Care Summit content

Fia Fasbinder of The Moxie Institute talks to our audience about using virtual communication tools to build bonds with clients and patients. 

Join Dr. Hannah Lau, Nicole Rogers and Michael Shirley as they discuss considerations for implementing virtual care into your practice's daily workflow. 


Mark Cushing and colleagues from Canada (Sharon Quinn, DVM & Doug Raven), talk about the success that Ontario has had opening up a telemedicine VCPR in their Province. Dr. Charlotte Lacroix shares her perspectives on the VCPR in the 2nd recording (link below). 


Steve Feldman, Amanda Landis-Hannah, and Jason Johnson talk about how virtual care tools can have a positive impact on disparities in access to care for pet owners. 


With Dr. Ken Rotondo 



Drs. Aaron Smiley, Cherice Roth and Beth Frtizler share tips and thoughts on how to (and why) you should be monetizing your expertise - even while using virtual care tools (yes, that includes phone calls)!

Drs. Dani McVety & Shea Cox talk about utilizing telehealth while care for pets and families in chronic care situations and end of life transitions. This was a tear jerker, so have your box of tissue handy! 


Serena Pudelski, RVT, Jesse Longo, LVT and Dr. Pete Bill talk about the importance of the whole veterinary team working together to build efficiencies into a practice - telehealth can improve those efficiencies! 



Deb Leon, Chris Turner, and John Reardon share insights from human health that professionals in animal health can learn from.


With Drs. Apryle Horbal and Caitlin DeWilde 


In this 2-part session, Drs. Scott Lyle and Paul Koffman present on remote monitoring and how food animal veterinarians pioneered this segment of virtual care years ago.



Another 2 part session, we start with Adam Greenbaum of whiskerCloud.