Veterinary Telemedicine Guides

Quick Start Guide

Our Quick Start Guide for General Telemedicine is a useful tool for conducting a telemedicine audit. You will start by identifying cases in which you currently offer telemedicine, review your technlogy, and consider the transition from free to paid telemedicine.

Principles of Veterinary Telemedicine

The The Veterinary Virtual Care Association (VVCA) has identified eight Principles of Veterinary Telemedicine.

VVCA Model Telemedicine Regulations

The foundation of these recommendations is the trained judgement of the practicing veterinarian.

Case Scenarios for Establishing a Virtual VCR

Real case examples of when a virtual VCPR is appropriate can provide valuable, relatable learning opportunities for veterinarians and the rest of the veterinary healthcare team. They will be posted frequently by VVCA.

Recommended Guidelines For Telehealth Technologies

Aavsb recommended guidelines for the appropriate use of telehealth technologies in the practice of veterinary medicine.

Evaluation and Treatment of Patients

Best Practices: Evaluation and Treatment Of Patients

Downloadable PDF guide outlining the ideal scenarios for using telemedicine in veterinary practice, including postoperative care, medical evaluations, and behavioral consultations.

Legal And Ethical Issues with Delivering Virtual Care

Best Practices: Legal and Ethical Issues with Delivering Virtual Care

Downloadable PDF on Best Practices for Legal and Ethical Issues in Virtual Care. It covers state regulations, VCPR definition, staff training, telemedicine applications, licensing, medical record keeping, malpractice insurance, client communication, and prescribing guidelines for veterinarians.

Client consent form

Client Consent Form for Telemedicine Services

Downloadable consent form to share with clients.