Hannah Lau, DVM

Remote Veterinarian at Adobe Animal Hospital

Veterinary Virtual Care Board Member


Hannah Lau, DVM, holds the position of Associate Director of Virtual Medicine at Bond Vet, where she leads strategic initiatives aimed at advancing telehealth solutions for veterinary care. With an educational foundation from the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine (Class of 2017), Hannah brings a pragmatic approach and a wealth of experience to her role.

Hannah began her career as a general practice and emergency veterinarian at Adobe Animal Hospital. Recognizing the potential of telemedicine in veterinary care, she played an instrumental role in establishing a virtual hospital within Adobe Animal Hospital, which evolved into a robust telemedicine program supporting remote staff.

Following her tenure at Adobe Animal Hospital, Hannah served as a veterinary onboarding consultant at Televet, contributing to the seamless integration of telehealth solutions into various veterinary practices.

Hannah's experience extends to her role as a high-quality high-volume spay/neuter surgeon at Mountain View Humane. Her expertise in this critical aspect of veterinary care aligns with her commitment to providing quality and accessible services to pets.

Hannah's professional goals center on elevating telemedicine as a pivotal tool within veterinary care, fostering opportunities for veterinarians, and enhancing accessibility to quality care for pet owners. Her advocacy for leveraging telehealth to improve the standard of care showcases her forward-thinking approach.

Hannah's affiliations include membership in the Veterinary Virtual Care Association (VVCA) board and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). These affiliations reflect her commitment to staying connected with industry developments and best practices.

Hannah lives in southwest Virginia with her husband and four cats.