Michael Greenberg

Veterinarian with a passion for access to care, technology solutions, and smart use of good data!

Mike Greenberg


Dr. Mike Greenberg is a veterinarian whose passion lies in expanding access to quality veterinary care. He obtained his DVM from Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, followed by an internship in shelter medicine and a post-doctoral fellowship in the same field, both at Cornell.

Throughout his career, Dr. Greenberg has focused on three areas, all aimed at increasing accessibility to veterinary care: Clinical practice, research, and technology. He has garnered valuable experience in various roles, including general practice and emergency settings. His primary dedication has been providing affordable care through low-cost clinics, MASH clinics, and high-volume spay/neuter services; he has a passion for non-surgical methods of contraception and sterilization and is looking forward to the implementation of these technologies. He has made significant contributions as an animal shelter consultant, assisting shelters across the country to enhance their life saving capabilities.

As a co-founder of the Veterinary Care Accessibility project, Dr. Greenberg has worked to shed light on the issue of inequitable access to care and to build tools to help stakeholders improve veterinary care equity. 

Looking forward, Dr. Greenberg's professional aspiration remains steadfast: to continue contributing to the expansion of veterinary care accessibility. His unique ability to bridge seemingly unrelated areas and devise innovative solutions sets him apart in the field. Driven by the belief that collaboration can overcome challenges, he seeks to make an impact on the lives of animals and their human companions.

Dr. Greenberg welcomes opportunities to connect with fellow veterinary professionals who share his passion for making a difference. His dedication to the cause and vision for an inclusive veterinary care landscape exemplify his commitment to animal and human welfare.

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