Unveiling Exciting Features and Exclusive Benefits!

The Veterinary Virtual Care Association (VVCA) is thrilled to unveil our upgraded membership platform with an enhanced user experience to improve access to care through education, best practices, and advocacy of veterinary virtual care.

Our new platform boasts several exciting features, including appealing pricing models for all membership tiers, exclusive global telemedicine map access, and crucial US policy updates in the latest Mark 5 series, available exclusively to our members. You can explore these benefits throughout the first week of August at www.vvca.org. Additionally, VVCA will continually unveil more member-only perks in the coming months.

With our enhanced membership platform, we aim to provide veterinarians, non-DVM professionals, veterinary students, and industry leaders with an unparalleled experience. As a member, you will receive first notice of the dynamic legislative changes and rapid growth of virtual care delivery in veterinary medicine. Along with first looks at new content, announcements, and initiatives with real-time guidance for practitioners and providers.

VVCA is the resource for the veterinary community to stay updated on the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape and learn best practices for providing remote care," said Aaron Smiley, VVCA Co-chair. The organization emphasizes trust in veterinarians' decision-making for animals, regardless of in-person or remote care. VVCA aims to empower veterinarians by continually unveiling resources, fostering effective engagement, sharing best practices, and expanding knowledge, ultimately increasing access to care through virtual modalities.

Among the new benefits, one of the standout features is a brand new Mark 5 series, including essential US policy updates that guide veterinarians in practical application within the virtual care landscape. VVCA is proactively addressing the dynamic regulatory environment in the US, which is reflected in this new 3-part series.

In addition to these significant advancements, "VVCA is proud to announce the addition of two global affiliates in Europe and Canada, where virtual and digital solutions to the access to care crisis are continually launched, tested, and researched.' Said Deb Leon, VVCA Co-Chair. 'By joining forces with other international organizations, VVCA will be able to bring a broader perspective and more in-depth analyses that support the growth of virtual care solutions. As these solutions are shown to be clinically effective, we can expect a near future where virtual care is seen as a critically necessary component of health care delivery systems in the animal health space.'

VVCA's upgraded membership platform and included benefits underscore our commitment to elevating virtual veterinary care in all aspects. These initiatives will help advance the industry and enhance the consumer's ability to access quality care by equipping veterinary professionals with the necessary resources and support to navigate changes and advancements.

On behalf of VVCA, we are thrilled to provide you with your updated login instructions as a valued and loyal member of our association. We hope you find our upgraded platform and new features valuable in multiple facets.

Thank you for being part of the Veterinary Virtual Care Association; we look forward to continuing this journey together!

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