Virtual Summit 2020 Feedback

Please let us know what you thought of the VVCA 2020 Summit.


Thank you for attending the inaugural Veterinary Virtual Care Summit on August 18, 2020. Your feedback is important to us as we plan our fall and winter programs. Please take a moment to complete this form so we can gather your thoughts and integrate your comments for our continued learning.

The VVCA is proud to be on this amazing journey with all of you.

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Current Feedback

I really enjoyed the summit and much appreciate the VVCA and the goals they are accomplishing.

Great webinar. I learned a lot

Great first effort ! Cheers to the VVCA team!

This was a super great first summit! Loved the speakers- I felt it was rushed at times and wished for a bit longer sessions and an ability to ask questions and chat with others. However, I realize that would require that every session is live. I do believe having live vs. pre-recorded sessions would make it feel more like a summit as well!

I thought it was a great Summit. I learned a great deal.

It was terrific! Thank you VVCA!