Mighty Things Are Happening

The VVCA’s charge is all virtual, all the time: virtual care, virtual meetings, virtual workspaces, virtual conferences. And while we realize “virtual” is here to stay for a while longer, we also know there is an important part of our mission that needs to be nurtured in a slightly different way: OUR COMMUNITY!


While launching the VVCA and planning our inaugural Veterinary Virtual Care Summit, the one consistent request we heard from our target audience resounded loud and clear, “we need a place to connect with others in this innovative space!” So, we are building a network for you, our members. This network will serve as a place for shared resources, shared experiences, educational programs and most importantly, connection.


With the emerging segment of telemedicine and virtual tools, we all have so much to discuss. Come and learn from one another, collectively, we are in this together.Sign up to get the email when we launch.